A Co-founder Story

It’s not about the money

We care about each other’s personal lives

We never take things personal

Sometimes I’m wrong. Sometimes Ayman is wrong. And that’s okay. We’re both open to criticism and readily admit our mistakes. We take responsibility and accountability, but we never point fingers or blame each other. This just leads to disputes and hurtful words. Instead, we work together to come up with better solutions. To us, mistakes are just opportunities to grow and try something new. Without the fear of someone rebuking them for these simple mistakes, our team is confident to try out new, creative ideas.

Trust is everything

We trust each other on everything — making decisions, arranging finances, client communications, everything. This trust is borne naturally out of our years of friendship and collaboration. If Ayman is confident in his decision, I trust his judgment. And if he isn’t 100% sure, I trust that he will sit down to brainstorm alternate options with me. Even if one of us makes a decision that falls short, we don’t argue, we just get back to work collaborating on other solutions.

We embrace fun

A shared goal for the Afterlife

I kept this at the end, but that doesn’t mean it’s the least important. In fact, I’d consider it the most important.



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