Money is what (almost) everyone is looking for in life, and many of us spend our entire lives trying to collect more of it. It’s what people fight for and kill each other for; wars between peaceful nations even begin because of money.

As a business-owner, I had different reasons I wanted to start my business, and earning a decent income was obviously one of them. But everything around me encourages and pushes me to achieve more, sign on bigger clients, scale the company size and be the next unicorn. It can be overwhelming to feel that regardless of what…

Choosing a co-founder isn’t easy. This is the person you will spend most of your time with (even more than your spouse), brainstorming, innovating, and solving problems. The co-founder partnership is totally different from any other business relationship — it’s closer and a whole lot more personal. This is why co-founder chemistry is vital to the success of any startup.

My co-founder, Ayman, is incredible. We’ve known each other for 12 years and just 5 years ago, we founded Blink22, a software development company. …

Every business has a purpose, and this purpose drives everything: recruitment, project delivery, customer interaction, team communication, and more. It’s the heart and soul of the business.

If a company’s purpose is to build a quick cash cow and fill the owners’ pockets, it will prioritize quick wins over long term investments. Likewise, if an entrepreneur’s end goal is to sell their company for a profit or flex their power as “the boss,” it will be obvious in how they run the business and treat team members.

Building a healthy company culture, empowering your team, and driving sustained success all…

Raising kids is so hard, all parents know that pretty well. It takes much effort, time and even money. My spouse and I thought about it A LOT, should we delay it? should we just ignore it all? how our life will be affected? our careers? and flexibility to travel easily? tons of questions that we didn’t have answers for.

Moving forward, after 4 years of marriage, having a 2.5 years old girl and expecting the second baby in a couple of months, we also made the decision to homeschool our kids …. …

Moustafa Samir

Co-founder and CEO at

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